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It feels so good to have two days off in a row. But, I had to meet my son at the emergency room because he was riding on a go-cart and got a deep gash in his leg. He had to get three staples and a tetanus shot. Then he went on to football practice. Good thing I was off today since I usually work on Wednesdays.

The weather had been feeling so good and now it is hot again. At least it is not stifling hot.

My grand-daughter starts headstart tomorrow. I can't believe she is three already. They grow up so fast. My mother and I went to take her a new outfit to wear to school tomorrow. I told her mother they need to get their yard cut before a snake comes up. Low and behold she said she came home and a snake was in her house right by the front door. I probably would have died. Snakes are the most terrifying thing to me. I can't even look at one in a book! So scary and frightening. uh that just gives me the creeps.

Anyway, I guess I will go and finish cooking porkchops. Yummy.
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