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I have been working 12, 14 nad 15 hour days. Tonight I go in at midnight and I am supposed to get off work at 8am. But, that is no guarantee. I need the money right now because I am behind in my house payments and don't want to lose the house. So I have been very stressed lately. Then my mother calls and my 20 year old son is in jail for two city warrants for unpaid tickets. The cash bodn only is 900 dollars or he can stay until October 25. He will just have to stay. He could have paid those tickets. I am tired of bailing him out of trouble. At least I know where he is at. Give him time to think and want to get his life together.

Had to go pick up my grand-daughter from daycare this morning because she was sick. She came home with me and slept almost all day. I should have been sleeping also. I am going to try and get a nap in before I go to work tonight. Hope everyone had a good evening.
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